My Favourite PR Blogs

This blog post will look at my favourite PR blogs and who I would recommend them to.


This blog looks at public relations, marketing and social media in the fashion & lifestyle industry. It features a ‘DIY Public Relations’ section for useful tips for Fashion PR beginners, but some general advice is also available. For example a recent article was titled ‘5 body language tips for your next client presentation’, which can be helpful in any sector of PR. The site is easy to navigate and knows its target audience well. Although it is for Fashion PR and the readership is 88% female, there is no reason to be put off. The website displays a forward-thinking nature by embracing social media and selling merchandise to fund the website. I would say it’s a great model for aspiring PR practitioners who wish to increase their own social media presence.


Lewis is a global communications agency that focuses on an integrated approach. With their clients based in the tech industry, it’s no surprise that they are able to report of issues within PR especially focused on tech. With articles like ‘Why robots won’t take over PR’ and ‘death of the newspaper’, they allow the audience to follow the traditional vs. tech debate. Features such as ‘this week in social’ also keep up to date with social media developments. I would recommend this blog for anyone interested in the progression of PR within the area of technology.

Ronke Lawal is the founder of Ariatu PR, specialising in PR and brand management for clients in B2C industries; primarily fashion and luxury FMCG. Ariatu PR focuses in particular on African and Caribbean Diaspora so it’s interesting to see how PR can be aligned to better representation. The blog has some great tips for beginners and article titles such as ‘High Impact Tips That Every PR and Marketing Graduate Needs To Succeed’ suggest entry-level PR practitioners would benefit from a visit to the blog. There’s also an audience for entrepreneurs as she is running an event on how to get media coverage for you business.


This blog is by Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc. and works to deliver daily news, advice, and opinions on the public relations, marketing, social media, and media worlds. This blog has endless advice for anyone on PR, from entry-level to experienced. The section focusing on ‘writing and editing’ is particularly helpful for anyone looking to improve writing. Most articles are filled with multi-media so it’s easy to digest a story very quickly.


This blog is written by Sarah Stimson who also published a book titled ‘How to get a job in PR’, described as a ‘comprehensive guide to finding and keeping the job you want’. The blog contains a list of the 150 PR internships and graduate schemes so will narrow down that endless search for those looking to apply. It is very career focused and gives useful interview tips. I would recommend this blog for students or anyone looking to get an entry-level PR job.



This blog is written by the CEO of Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm, with 5,000 communications experts in 65 cities worldwide. CEO Richard Edelman started the blog in 2004 to share trends in communications, lessons and insights he gathers whilst managing the firm. He posts on the blog weekly and the content is truly one of a kind. From his thoughts on Brexit to his new fitness regime, he’s not afraid to give personal anecdotes. His entry on ‘The Stanford Swimmer’ Brock Turner showed his concern for the issue, especially as his daughter studies there. I would recommend this blog for anyone in PR writing their own blog. It’s a great example of how personal events link to the industry.


This blog was started by Elena Verlee who has two decades of communications experience. The blog was started as a way for Elena to give back to the communications community, as well as to advise entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organisations on ‘do-it-yourself PR’. The ‘New Here?’ section is great for those researching what PR actually is. I would recommend this blog especially for those doing PR for a personal project or a small business. It provides practical tips for setting up a successful PR campaign.


The PR Conversations blog we know today was started by Toni Muzi Falconi in 2007 as an extension of his original blog from 2005. It now has 370+ posts from a variety of contributors. The three sections of ‘current, classic and seasoned’ make it easy to direct yourself around the blog. It aims to offer a platform for informed discussion and can do so because of the variety of voices of the contributors, from in-house executives to PR students. One of the most recent posts by Heather Yaxley titled ‘There’s no place for women at the top of the edifice’ looks at comments made by the chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi Kevin Roberts saying that the gender diversity debate is over. I would recommend this blog for any PR practitioner who wants to actively get involved discussion, as the blog encourages an ‘exchange of considered ideas’.


Media Culpa is run by Hans Kullin, a digital PR strategist with 20 years’ experience. The blog is about media and PR, but has a specific focus on social media. This blog doesn’t follow any particular structure but touches on some unexplored stories within the PR industry such as the use of hashtags on the latest Instagram update. Posts aren’t released regularly, probably because Hans is the sole contributor. I would recommend this blog for anyone looking to use social media in PR.


This site isn’t aimed at any particular sector of the PR industry. It does exactly what the title says by providing great examples of PR and social media marketing. Although the author is based in the UK, the website seeks to give examples from around the world. As a multi-contributor blog, the author offers anyone the opportunity to submit an article on a campaign they find fascinating. The articles are short and straight to the point. Although this doesn’t offer a jobs section like PR Couture, it’s a good website when looking for inspiration or reminding yourself just how creative the PR industry can be. I would recommend this site for any PR professionals looking for ideas.

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